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Sausages Galore

Hello Market friend,
We are rolling in the sausage links!

Apollo Chicken-
100% chicken sausage, savory and rich with herbs.

Mild Italian-
chicken with pork fat. The same Mild Italiand with a poultry twist

Honey pig-
a fan favorite. delicious with a sweet reward.

a delight for the whole team. Our delicious version of a classic.

We will have pork cuts, chicken cuts and butchers Blend beef too.

Order here till Friday at noon.

Otherwise, we will see you Saturday from 10-12.

have a great rest of the week.

Karen and the peeps

Weblog Entry

Hello, Friends!
We’ve been busy this week in the kitchen. Please check out our delightful pasture-raised meats and eggs available! We made brand new batches of Poultry and Pork Sausages as well as Ground Chicken!

Also new this week!

Bratwurst Artisan Sausage Links
Mild Chicken Italian Artisan Sausage Links
Poultry Breakfast Sausage – (Chicken and Duck medium sausage)
XSage Breakfast – (Pork)
Hot Breakfast Sausage – (Pork)

Order online now until Friday at 11 am at:
and pick up Saturday May 28, 2022 from 9-12 at Richland park Farmers Market!

Wedge Oak Farm
Lebanon, Tennessee 37090

615-766-3773 Karen Overton
615-497-3434 Anne Overton

pre order now... pick up Saturday 5/7/22

We have the amazing Wild /Spring Onion Sausage. A fan favorite.

Poussin or Spring Chickens (Approx 1.5 lbs each) rule the roost with our first batch of full grown birds of 2022 being processed and available the week of May 16.Thes delicate and delicious servings are tender and ready to roast or grill.

We still have whole and spatchcocked chickens available but our various sizes are fewer. Order here to be assured you get the ones you want.

Pastrami is available this week. We cured and sliced this delicious treat. It is available by the half pond. Come give it a try this weekend. It won’t last long.

See you Saturday and thandsks for shopping with us!

Pe Order Today till noon!

What a beautiful wee!

Don’t forget to order your eggs and pick up any time on Saturday between 9-12 at Richland Park Farmers Market.

We are working to bring you delicious farm raised meats and hope you are pleased with them.

Best regards,

Easter Lamb, Poussinsand Korean Ginger Sausages

Pre Ordering is open for Saturday, April 16
Come see us at* Richland Park.*

Of Note:
Korean Ginger Sausages- made this week

Lamb Cuts Available

Poussins too. approx 1.5 lbs Spring Chickens, single serving

Don’t forget the eggs…chicken and duck
See you soon.
Spring has sprung.

Wedge Oak Farm

Pre Order now...

good day,
Check out our Nashville Hot Chicken Sausage and our Mild Italian too.

Don’t to get to order eggs and pick up Saturday morning. We have a load but they sell out when you do not reserve.

This week we are working on lamb.
it will be added to the market tomorrow. If you place and order don’t forget to come back and check the lamb…

Next week we are butchering our pasture raised pork and would love to get you a special cut for Easter.

What about Easter weekend?
Let us know if there is a ham or Leg of Lamb you need for your weekend celebration.

See you Saturday!
Come see us between 9-12 again.

Thanks for shopping, the chickens

Ordering is open!

Hello Market Shopper,
Big week here on the farm with daffodils and chicks too. We are thrilled to say that we are bacon rich with pork chops piled high and copper steaks abounding.

Our beef overflows with two processed and loads of 100%grassfed beef available. Currently we are making Nashville Hot Chicken and hope to have a big batch by weeks end. Breasts, leg quarters and half birds are available too.

Check us out online.
Don’t forget your eggs.

The ducks, chickens and geese are working and love to send their finest yolks for you to scramble.

Saturday hours 9-12.
See you there.
…off to move the cows to fresh grass.

Pre Order for Eggs, Sausages, Chicken and Beef

Special Hours at Richland Park this week March 26, 9-12. Come and see us!

The online market is open and we are set for a beautiful day at Richland Park.

Farm fresh eggs abound with spring time weather and we have plenty for the taking. Duck Eggs, Chicken Eggs and Goose Eggs too.

Dont Forget:
The market is open this week from 9-12 so drop by with the longer hours!

We love this weather, hope to grill out soon!

We are loving the spring weather after last weeks snow. This week we are butchering a grass fed beef and making Mild Italian Sausages.
Shop now for your favorite eggs, sausages and pork,chicken and duck cuts.
We will add hand butchered Beef by the end of the week and will have lambs coming up again soon.
Check our online market out and we hope to see you Saturday, if not before.
Best regards,

Order for Pick Up 3/5/22

We have added Potsticker Sausage and Ground Pork to the offerings this week and will follow up next week with many more pork cuts and Boudin Sausage too.
This week we have been working on cleaning up limbs and other effects of a solid week of rain.

Duck Eggs
Chicken Eggs
Goose Eggs too!

Come see us in the sun this Saturday!

Ordering open till noon on Friday.